The Make blanket

I’ve been working on some super secret projects recently and I can finally share one of them with you! Make hosts Slice of Make every Wednesday night, which is a crafty social evening. I’ve made some fantastic friends there and we decided to make Nicky a mini quilt for her new premises! Everyone stitched a square (or four!) and I stitched them together. It was lovely to work on a collaborative project with so many different styles and materials all mixed together. Nicky loved her quilt, pop along to Make to take a peek!

The Make Quilt


The Make Quilt

The Make Quilt

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Make & The Craft Kitchen – the launch night!

I spent a wonderful weekend with Matt and my parents in Somerset, but before leaving Portsmouth on Friday night we simply had to go to the launch night for Make & The Craft Kitchen! Make has now moved from Albert Road to much bigger premises on Cornwall Road, just off Fratton Road. Joined by The Craft Kitchen, this new venue can offer a bigger selection of materials and workshops and more cakes to try! With murals painted by local artists, a yarn bombed balcony, handmade shelves filled with wool and fabric, pom poms hanging from the ceiling and as always an amazing atmosphere, this is set to be one of my favourite places in Portsmouth.

I cannot wait for the first Slice of Make this Wednesday night!

Make and the Craft Kitchen

Make and the Craft Kitchen

Make and the Craft Kitchen

Make and the Craft Kitchen

Photos by my wonderful husband and photographer, Matthew Cleveland.

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My Mum’s dress

My Mum wore this beautiful Laura Ashley dress to my christening, nearly thirty years ago! I tried it on recently and it fits me perfectly. Although I love the fabric I’m going to make a few alterations to make it just perfect. I’m going to take off the sleeves, shorten it a little and dye it so that it isn’t quite as pink. I will update you with my progress soon!

My Mum's dressMy Mum's dress

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Little Hands Make … Mini Weaves!

Weaving with your little ones can provide hours of entertainment! This tutorial will show you a really simple way of weaving that uses up your little scraps of ribbon and wool at the same time.

Little Hands Make ... Mini Weaves

To get started you will need some empty fruit nets, a pair of scissors, some cardboard (I used cereal boxes), tape, plastic needles and a selection of wool and ribbons. When collecting your fruit nets, cut them open carefully to get the largest flat piece possible.

Little Hands Make ... Mini Weaves

Stick the end of your net securely to the back of your cardboard. Gently pull the net across the front of your cardboard and secure the other end in place. Experiment with different types of nets to produce different shaped canvases!

Little Hands Make ... Mini Weaves

Once you have made your canvases, simply thread different lengths of ribbon and wool onto your needle and start to weave them through the net.

Little Hands Make ... Mini Weaves

Keep weaving until your net is full of colour and texture!

Little Hands Make ... Mini Weaves

Happy Making!

If you fancy making your own mini weaves then you can buy some useful supplies from Amazon. If you purchase anything through the links in my post you are helping to support my blog as I get a small referral fee from Amazon. Thank you!

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Knitting with Lemonade Yarns!

I’ve been busy working on some new face cloth patterns, which will be available as instant digital downloads from my Etsy shop soon. I’m very lucky to be knitting my samples using some very lovely wool from Lemonade Yarns! I am using the King Cole Bamboo Cotton, which is not only a dream to knit with but also comes in over thirty colours!

Face cloths

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My heart rug

I love having projects that you can add to over time and that you can rediscover, but there is also a great satisfaction to be gained from finishing something that has been in the making for a couple of years! My heart rug is one of these projects and I have decided that I will devote some time to it over the next few months to complete it. I’m graduating the colour on this one, getting darker towards the edges and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Take a peek below to see how big it is at the moment!

Heart Rag Rug

Heart Rag Rug

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A bit of blocking

My lovely friend Lucy gave me a Poppy Treffry tea towel for my birthday and it was so pretty that I wanted to use it for something special. It’s bigger than a normal tea towel so I decided it was perfect for blocking lots of knitting! I’ve been knitting samples for some new face cloth patterns, using beautiful cotton yarn from Lemonade Yarns.

Poppy Treffry tea towel

Face cloths blocked


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Funky Town Festival!

On Saturday the 27th of September, Guildhall Square will be the setting for another fantastic family event! Following the success of The Street Games held in May, Funky Town Festival will be a celebration of street theatre and carnival arts. I will be there in the family area, selling my work and running a workshop to make fabric ghosts. They will be £2.50 each to make and your little one can decorate their creation however they like! If they don’t fancy making a ghost then it can soon be transformed into an alien or even an octopus!

Fabric Ghosts

Keep an eye out for more community based events happening in The Guildhall in the near future, organised by Portsmouth Cultural Trust.

Funky Town Fest

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Felt tinsel kits are ready!

My felt tinsel kits are back! Every celebration needs a lovely felt garland and this little kit contains everything you need to make a cheerful piece of tinsel. The kits are packed with wool felt and also have thread, wooden beads and a needle and thread. I will be selling these on Instagram, so keep an eye out for your favourite colours!

Felt Tinsel Kit

Felt Tinsel

Felt Tinsel Kit

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Woolly nests!

What do you do with your wool scraps? I use small balls to add stripes to my scrappy blanket and even smaller pieces to make cheery pom poms. But I wanted to use even my tiny pieces of wool for something useful. So I decided to buy a bird feeder and leave them out for birds to take to make their nests with!

Wool scraps for birds

I did a bit of research and birds like all kinds of wool and string to add to their nests. It’s best to cut your wool into pieces which are 3 to 8 inches long. If they are shorter they aren’t of much use to the birds and if they are longer they pose a hazard to chicks. Let me know what you do with your scraps of wool and keep an eye out for woolly nests near you!

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