A very big and cream wall…

My latest obsession is stitching and stamping onto fabric and then framing it in an embroidery hoop. I used type and ink to write the messages onto card and then used my machine to button hole stitch around the edge to hold it in place. The fabric was too fluffy to print straight onto.

Then I made this one…

…and couldn’t bear to part with it (I get very emotionally attached to my creations). So I teamed it up with my first embroidered message and created a bit of wall art in my kitchen. I will be adding lots more to this, all different sizes and colours. I hung them from the picture rail with lovely brown string. I think that it will eventually cover a very big and cream wall. Hmmm which wall in my house shall I attack next?

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2 Responses to A very big and cream wall…

  1. Emma Smith says:

    OMG that is so lovely. Are you selling these at TeaTray?

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