Moustached and Monocled

Some lovely person commented that my last moustached monster looked quite regal. Therefore I decided to make another lordy creature, but turn it up a notch and add a monocle too!

And on an entirely different note, my Mum told me that Woman’s Weekly are trying to break the world record for the longest piece of knitted bunting. I have joined this effort with a marled pink and grey wool triangle which looks rather tasty (and I might have to further adorn it with some buttons, its compulsory you see). Have a look here for all the details and several different patterns to follow.

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3 Responses to Moustached and Monocled

  1. Emma Smith says:

    Oh he is tooo cute!! OMG you could keep this theme going LOL perhaps a princess next? hee hee
    I am getting Mr Smiff to print me out the pattern of that bunting, so I can play too (PS you HAVE to add buttons, it is essential)

  2. Any ideas for monsters welcomed! Hmmm I think a princess should have a crown and pearls. The bunting does come out really cute, it has a little ribbed edge going on!

  3. Emma Smith says:

    If you do make her, you have to promise to post a photo on here so I can see her.
    I think by the sounds of it I’ll be tempted to keep the bunting to myself!

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