The Knit-a-thon at Aspex and other yarns

Aspex Gallery in Gunwharf Quays has some exciting events coming up. Firstly there is a carnival this Saturday…

…and then there is the aforementioned knit-a-thon on the 23rd of July (which I am very excited to be taking part in!)…

(Poster designed by Wendy Middleditch –

…and then there is a creative embroidery exhibition at Portsmouth College which opens on Thursday 16th June, 1pm till 8pm, and is also open Friday 17th June, 10am till 3pm. Two of the lovely ladies, Sam and Janet, who came to Tea & Cloth last month will be showing their work there. Follow this link to see more details.

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2 Responses to The Knit-a-thon at Aspex and other yarns

  1. Emma Smith says:

    I loved Aspex, I cant believe that I didnt know it existed before yesterday, I’m so unobservant.
    Totally gutted that I wont be able to do the knit-a-thon with you in July but hopefully we’ll be over at some point that day with our mate Phil, so I’ll at least be able to pop in, and if some needles and wool happen to find their way into my bag …. so be it!

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