Thrifty Shopping

I absolutely love charity shops and car boot sales. I love having a good rummage and discovering something that you never knew that you wanted or needed but then fall head over heels in love with. And I also love that the likelihood is that you won’t meet anyone else who has the same. Here are some of my Sunday car boot finds…

Some beautiful buttons. I'm going to save the big blue ones in the middle for a knitted winter cape.

I was thrilled to find this set of four cups and saucers because I saw this pattern originally in a shop in Brighton but there was only one cup and it was £3.50. When I got home I wished that I had bought it, but at the car boot I found a whole set for £2! Bargain!

Looking for beautiful teacups to make candles in

Here I am, lusting after the beautiful little cup!

A big pile of sheet music...this is for an exciting new idea so watch this space.

These are my favourite covers of just a few of the booklets of music…

I love the picture on this one, its crying out to be turned into a piece of embroidery! Look at the funky rope writing too!

All by yourself in the moonlight

This is my favourite, its a really sweet love song and the image on the front is so eyecatching. This is going to go in a frame on my bedroom wall.

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4 Responses to Thrifty Shopping

  1. ooh they are lovely, spotted the ‘Phoebe’ one, how ace is that! Great idea too x

  2. smiffysmrs says:

    I’m sooooooooooooooooooo excited, just bought a ticket for the underground craft tea party!!!
    Wool shop in the morning to pick up bargains then the afternoon surrounded by craft, tea and cake! What a perfect day!

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