A very busy week

Crumbs this week has been insanely busy! I’ve finished off lots of lovely little projects, started new ones and come up with lots of new ideas. Thank goodness I am a compulsive list maker or I would be well and truly lost by now! This week I have made the front to a quilt to run along the bottom of my bed. A toe-warmer if you will. My house is called Alberta so I did a bit of freestyle machine embroidery on this one.

A toe warming quilt!

I also love making rugs so I’m sewing lots of scraps together to braid into a spiral. Here are the beginnings…

And I have done lots more to my rag rug (which my Mum started me off on when I was little) which is another long term project. It feels so nice I can’t wait for this one to be finished.

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3 Responses to A very busy week

  1. smiffysmrs says:

    OMG i love the Alberta foot warmer, so lovely xx

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