Tea & Cloth…swap swap swap!

The last Thursday of the month is upon us again so that means that tomorrow night is Tea & Cloth! As per usual please bring anything that you would like to show off, any current projects that you are working on or anything that you need a hand with. Also this week we are having a bit of a swap of materials. If you have anything that you no longer want (fabric, haberdashery, wool, in fact anything stitchy or crafty) then bring it with you and swap it with someone else. Imagine the treasure that you could get in return for something that you no longer want or need. I’m really looking forward to bringing Nikki and Emma with me for their first Tea & Cloth visit (after I’ve cooked them a slap up meal at mine!).

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2 Responses to Tea & Cloth…swap swap swap!

  1. smiffysmrs says:

    I realy really enjoyed Tea & Cloth. It was so relaxed and we even had a few enquisitive passers by too.
    As soon as I got home i wrote “Tea & Cloth” in my diary on the last Thursday of EVERY month LOL
    I will try and come to every single one xxxxxx

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