Sewing my way to happiness

When I ditched working full time in order to sew my way to happiness with a view to making it my day job, lots of people asked me the question, “Are you enjoying being a lady of leisure?”. This honestly couldn’t be further from the truth. I am very very much enjoying being my own boss but there is never a moment to sit still (or at least I can’t seem to stop – its like I’m a wind-up clockwork toy that never runs out!). I’m just so happy to be doing what I love that I want to put all of my energy into it. If I’m not sewing something then I’m doing a 12 hour knit-a-thon at Aspex, designing new things to make, planning workshops for Buttons & Pearls, sorting through piles of fabric, and blogging about my adventures. If I’m lucky then I can also fit in some tending of my garden and a walk along the beach with Matt. With the risk of this turning into an awards acceptance speech I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has supported me thus far with my giant leap into the unknown. Matt encouraged me to take the plunge and has been there to give me his endless support and well respected opinion on new creations (particularly the monsters which I think are his favourites!). He has also spent countless hours taking photographs and designing beautiful things for me. Check out the new Buttons & Pearls postcards for goodness sake!

Matt and I on our way to the beach

I also have to say that my parents are amazing, as are my extended family (particularly Nikki and Emma), Lou is an inspiration in so many ways and an amazing person to work with and of course Nicky at Teatray who has become a firm friend and has offered so many opportunities. Gushing over, I hope that you have a lovely weekend!

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3 Responses to Sewing my way to happiness

  1. smiffysmrs says:

    Awwwww shucks xxxxxxxxx Love you squillions missy xxxxxxx

  2. smiffysmrs says:

    We are all so very proud of you, and you have inspired both Dan & I to re-evaluate our lives and our approach to work, money and happiness and getting the balance just right.

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