Secret Squirrelling

Over the last few weeks I’ve been making and squirrelling away lovely things to decorate Emma’s office with (she works from home). Last night I finally decorated it in secret and then revealed it to her!

A basket full of treats on its way to Emma's office!


A big and crazy pom pom which doubles as a stress ball!

A pen pot covered in buttons and Bert (the feltie that Emma made at the Underground Tea Party).


An emergency sweet jar!

A little embroidery to decorate her noticeboard.




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2 Responses to Secret Squirrelling

  1. smiffysmrs says:

    Yaaaaaay! I so love my office extra’s, i can tell you my pompom stress ball has been getting some use recently.
    George you are the most wonderful and thoughtful person for doing this xxxxx
    I am a very lucky lady to have you in my family

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