My little market stall

Here are some photos of my stall at the Leesland Park Fest. It was a lovely but very windy day, we had to tie the gazebo to a van and our car! Luckily none of the mini monsters got blown away.

I also had an impromptu stall at the Guildhall Boutique market the next day which was great and I met lots of lovely people. These photos were taken by the excellent Matthew.

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8 Responses to My little market stall

  1. SilviSherr says:

    Glad you managed to save the Mini Monsters and that you had a good Fair

  2. Mummy Giles says:

    Love the brooches xx

  3. smiffysmrs says:

    With a bit of jiggery pokery we managed to fool the wind didnt we!

  4. Paula Bailey says:

    I missed the little jars of treasure when I saw your stall – great idea!

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