New Pinnys

Here are some new creations…

I’m currently working on some tutorials and a program of workshops for next year so keep an eye out!

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5 Responses to New Pinnys

  1. Oooh they’re lovely! I think my favourite is the first one – folksy and vintage-looking, and you can’t go wrong with a polka dot! Gorgeous.

  2. yarrow2 says:

    Hi George,
    It was nice to meet you and the other lovely ladies at the knitting group today. I’m looking forward to next week and the chance to chat properly to everyone. It seems that I’m not so good at multi tasking after all and need to practice talking and crochet at the same time 😀

  3. Mummy Giles says:

    I like all the contrasts, flowers with spots, brights with darks. You would always feel cheerful wearing such a bright apron. It would be a shame to wear them & get them mucky x

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