Treasure Hunting on Holiday

I’ve just come back from the most lovely family holiday in Paignton. We relished the fact that it was November and went walking along the beach, played in the rockpools and hibernated inside with piles of crochet and sewing. Luckily I was on holiday with other creative people, so a trip to the local fabric and wool shops didn’t take too much convincing!

Stripes and spots are a good staple and I couldn’t resist a floral Liberty lawn!

Found some gorgeous trimmings at a tiny craft fair in a town hall.

The mountain of wool that I couldn't resist.

Inside Spin a Yarn, a real Aladdin's cave.

This shop is called Spin a Yarn and they describe themselves as a ‘specialist yarnshop’. They have a huge selection of different wool and it was a pleasure spending time trying to look at everything! They also had a good selection of unusual buttons. I treated myself to some wool that is made up of recycled fibres, including a high silk content (the two balls on the far left of the mantelpiece photo). If you are looking for something particular then check out their online shop here.

The Wool Gallery in Newton Abbot

The lady in this shop was very sweet and I bought three balls of cotton bamboo that I plan to crochet into a blanket for my house. I have already started crocheting scarves with the other wool and this is the first finished one.

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7 Responses to Treasure Hunting on Holiday

  1. Wow! Proper little treasure troves of wool shops! Looks like you had a wonderful time. x

  2. I don’t know if I’ll ever get over being told to stand in the naughty corner while we were in The Wool Gallery.

  3. Wow!! Oh my God! look at all that wooooll! Looks like an amazing holiday, and Matt belongs in the naughty corner! lol xxx

  4. Paula Bailey says:

    Oh wow! I can imagine how you felt finding that wool shop. Like a fluffy Aladdin’s Cave 🙂

  5. Lauren Williams says:

    This looks amazing. I was in Belgium/Holland earlier this year and did exactly as you did – hunting for fabric shops. V inspiring 🙂

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