Hide & Seek – The participants!

Back in December I posted about an idea I had that I decided to call Hide & Seek. This idea involves wrapping up some of my wares and leave them out and about for people to find in the last week of January in order to brighten their day. My wicker basket is full of things to hide including a large monster, an apron, a miniature monster, a peg bag, a crochet needle roll, a knitted cupcake (!) and lots of vintage buttons. Some other creative lovelies are joining in (thank you very much to them for their generosity) and you can find out about them below – keep your eyes peeled!

Becki's Bits and Bobs Custom Handmade Jewellery, Portsmouth.

Caroline Hopkins, Craft cos I love it, will try and knit anything and maker of hand made dresses, Portsmouth

Matthew Cleveland, Product and Portrait Photography, Portsmouth.

Emma Hickman, Knitted Goodies, Portsmouth.

Emily Carlill, Loves making handmade items out of beautiful fabric, Leeds

Lemons for Lemonade, colourful crocheted items of beauty and usefulness, Oxford.

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5 Responses to Hide & Seek – The participants!

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  2. Caroline says:

    I am off to leave little gifts!! I hope people like their ginger pencil cases and cheers someone up in January!
    P.S At least it not raining!!

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