The Spring Tea Party

What a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Eight lovely ladies came along to the Spring Tea Party yesterday afternoon and after enjoying an afternoon tea learnt a traditional method of hand stitched patchwork. I took along a real mix of fabrics for the ladies to look through and before long everyone was stitching away. I will be announcing the date and the make for the Summer Tea Party very soon!

A table full of fabric and inspiration!

I love this colour combination by Kate.

The beginnings of many lovely patchwork creations!


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2 Responses to The Spring Tea Party

  1. smiffysmrs says:

    I had such a lovely time, and have now got a special box dedicated to precut fabric and precut card.
    I’ve been totally addicted and have a very pin pricked finger to prove it LOL
    Thanks George I have been wanted to learn this for a while.

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