A new dinosaur on the block!

I’ve been working on some new plush toys recently and here is the first one…a new design of dinosaur! My first dinosaur was inspired by a Stegosaurus and this little lady has been designed with a Diplodocus in mind. She is made from a really lovely grey flecked suiting and a dusky pink wool felt for her spots. The spots are hand stitched into place and different on each side to make each one even more unique. I think the pattern needs a bit more work and I would love to make a bigger version too – a pair of dinosaurs would be wicked! I would love to know what you think of her.

She is about 9 inches tall.

Her lovely spots and sweet little tail.


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16 Responses to A new dinosaur on the block!

  1. cateca says:

    I think she’s adorable! The pink spots are delicious. A fab addition to the collection!

  2. Candice Butler says:

    She’s lovely! A great idea, really like it 🙂

  3. Rachael says:

    He’s gorgeous! Who knew dinosaurs could be so cute 🙂

  4. Emma says:

    I think she’s beautiful, really nice, subtle colour combinations

  5. smiffysmrs says:

    Awww i think she is the cutest dinosaur you have made yet!
    Love the colour choices too xxxxxxx

  6. Jo Chant (Nearly Thompson!!) says:

    oooh i love her!! x

  7. She is bootyful! xxx

  8. modflowers says:

    Like! But I worry that neck is vulnerable to that well-known soft toy problem that occurs over time, known as “going all bendy”. Quite a few of Noah’s toys suffer with it.

  9. Paula Bailey says:

    I like her uprightness. A very ‘proper’ lady.

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