O the possibilities!

My gigantic 10kg bag of stuffing arrived in the post today, its bigger than me and actually quite heavy!

That is a lot of these…

…and a few of these too!

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12 Responses to O the possibilities!

  1. Or you just could make one really gargantuan sized dino and call him ‘Fred’…

  2. Spotted: One little crocheted heart made by moi on the noticeboard behind you in the first photo! 😀 x x

    p.s that is A LOT of stuffing!

  3. wow, ive never seen so much stuffing! cant wait to see what you stuff!

  4. soscone says:

    If you weigh one dino or one monster you could work out how many you could actually stuff from that bag! I bet it’s a couple of hundred!

  5. lottie says:

    I just have a little carrier bag full of old pillow stuffing you beat me !!! 😛

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