Present in the Post – April’s Winner

I now have too many lovely subscribers to fit all your names in my favourite teacup! I’ve had to graduate to a lovely old glass jar which usually holds all of my white buttons. I’ve picked out a name to win the tea towel apron…

The prize for April’s Present in the Post

…and the winner is Modflowers! Modflowers, if you send me your address then I will parcel it up and send it off to you. If you didn’t win this month then you can follow this very simple tutorial to make your own apron from a tea towel or you can subscribe to my blog to be in with a chance of winning next months Present in the Post!

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9 Responses to Present in the Post – April’s Winner

  1. smiffysmrs says:

    Congratulations Modflowers 🙂
    We expect updates on what you have made whilst wearing it!

  2. modflowers says:

    Wow! Sorry, busy weekend and out all day today so didn’t see this until now! Fantastic! I will send you my address. Thank you! Its lovely – and most unexpected! 🙂

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  4. modflowers says:

    Your pinny has already been put into service. My other half wears it as well – and very fetching he looks in it! You can see me wearing it on my blog:

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