G. R. Pratley & Sons in Worcester

Whilst on holiday we made a trip to Worcester, where I found this awesome shop on the High Street.

It is an absolute treasure trove of china, furniture and oddities. Its also a really beautiful building and Matt and I decided that with that amount of natural light it would make an awesome studio!

This display caught my attention…

…and I couldn’t leave without buying this beautiful and very big spool. When I bought it the gentleman informed me that it came from the Yorkshire mills when they closed. I love it even more now that I know it has a real place in history.

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10 Responses to G. R. Pratley & Sons in Worcester

  1. Adele says:

    Wow, What a find on your hol! Shops like these are so rare x

  2. What a wonderful shop!

    Lucky you.

  3. smiffysmrs says:

    i bet you were in there for ages just rummaging.
    As a side note, my baby brain must be really kicking in now cos I read the title as J R Hartley; you know from the old Yellow Pages ads – oh dear!

  4. Jessica Sedgley says:

    Thank you for your wonderfull comment about our family Business but Unfortunaltey it will be closing down with in the next few weeks im glad you had the Pleasure to look round it xx

  5. Colin Manning says:

    I understand this shop closed 2 years ago.

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