Southsea Celebrates the Jubilee!

I’ve been a bit quiet this week as I have been sewing through a mountain of bunting! The bunting is to decorate Palmerston Road this weekend for the Jubilee celebrations. Hundreds of flags have been decorated by local school children and as they started to arrive back on Tuesday, we began the mission of sewing them all together! I cycled off around Portsmouth and across to Gosport to deliver bunting packs to Emma, Lucy and Alix. Lots of other people have also helped to make the 25 metre strips which will hang across the street. I took on the gigantic challenge of making the piece of bunting that will hang between the lampposts along the length of the street, which needs to be about 200 metres long! I’ve sewn 150 metres so far and its been lovely to see all the pictures the children have drawn and the funny things they have written. I am helping to hang the bunting at 7:30am on Friday morning, pop down at the weekend to join in the fun and see the bunting in all its glory!

The bunting packs which where given to the amazing volunteers and my gigantic pile of flags!

My bike and I had a trip on the ferry to deliver bunting to Gosport.

The first of hundreds of flags!

I love this flag where the Queen has been replaced by a penguin!

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4 Responses to Southsea Celebrates the Jubilee!

  1. What an awesome challenge! I bet it will look fabulous 🙂

  2. Jackie says:

    Brilliant! Love the final flag with the queen on! Will be down in Palmerston Road at the weekend to admire your handywork (and do some celebrating, of course)

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