357 metres later…

357 metres later and Palmerston Road is all decked out with bunting and ready for the Jubilee celebrations this weekend! I was up nice and early this morning and down into town for 7:30am, to deliver all the bunting and to help hang it. It was great to actually see all the hard work being put into place and there were lots of lovely comments from passers-by. It was my challenge to make the 150 metre piece that runs all down the length of the road and the 25 metre pieces sewn together by amazing volunteers (Emma, Lucy, Alix and Lesley) criss cross the street. Pop down this weekend to see it and take a peek at all the brilliant flags made by local school children!

Bunting delivery!

The first piece going up

My 150 metre piece being pulled into position!

357 metres later!

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11 Responses to 357 metres later…

  1. They look great. I was really really impressed with the childrens’ creative work. I just wish my sewing machine was better behaved (what’s is that about a poor workman…?). A great experience and I was pleased to be involved.

  2. Well done , great community effort

  3. brilliant – bet you wished you’d got to ride in the boytoy machine and put the bunting up yourself!

  4. Zoe says:

    Looks great!

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