Book Review : Everything Oz

I have been lucky enough to read and review an advance copy of Everything Oz – the second book from artistic duo Christine Leech and Hannah Read-Baldrey, also the authors of Everything Alice.

This is a very stylish book that is described perfectly on the front cover as “The wizard book of makes and bakes”. One of my favourite things about this book is the variety of the 50 projects on offer, which range from baking to sewing and include makes using paper, metal and wood. The skill level required varies from project to project (some of the sewing projects assume some previous knowledge) but there is something for all abilities here.

I love the way that the girls explain their passion for The Wizard of Oz at the start of the book and we are also shown some behind the scenes photos. Many of the makes have quotes from the original book to accompany them, pointing the reader towards their inspirations. This book is a real visual feast and the flashes of emerald throughout remind you of Oz.

There is a great combination of both practical and whimsical sewing projects in this book and there are useful techniques to be learnt such as blanket stitch and box pleats. My only criticism would be that the majority of patterns need to be enlarged, which can sometimes be fiddly and delay the making! As I love to design and make plush toys myself, my favourite project would have to be the Dorothy doll, which comes with a set of accessories, including an awesome lion mask!

Whilst there are some very good sewing projects in this book, for me it is the recipes that really stand out. There are gorgeous shortbread button biscuits, squashed witch cupcakes and even glow in the dark jellies made in sandcastle moulds!

This is a really gorgeous book, especially for someone with a passion for the Wizard of Oz. However you don’t need to be a die hard fan to enjoy Everything Oz, in fact it may just be the perfect introduction to Dorothy and her friends.

Published by Quadrille, due for release July 2012, RRP £14.99.

(Please note : The Amazon links in this post are affiliate links so if you buy the book through this link I receive a small referral fee.)

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6 Responses to Book Review : Everything Oz

  1. A great review, thanks G 🙂 x

  2. Nicola says:

    I love the look of this book (and I have read too really good reviews now). I will definatley keep my eyes peeled for it and in the meantime hunt out Everything Alice too 🙂

  3. smiffysmrs says:

    Lovely review honey, I really do hate it when you have to enlarge patterns too. Its a right pain in the bum 😦
    Not sure if its a book for me but i may have a little flick through next time I visit you (with a nugget!)

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