One little monster

I have just finished sewing this little monster and I wanted to share it with you because I really love this fabric and it arrived with me by chance as the result of a swap. Swaps are wonderful. I love carefully selecting and packaging up an assortment of fabrics and sending them off through to the post to someone who I know will enjoy them and then eagerly waiting for the postman to bring me treasure in return! This gorgeous blue floral fabric was in a package from Modflowers, we swapped some vintage loveliness a few weeks ago and I have been eagerly waiting for some spare minutes to make this monster. Modflowers writes a really lovely blog, if you love vintage fabrics and inspiring interiors this is the place to look.

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2 Responses to One little monster

  1. modflowers says:

    So lovely to see it made up into your gorgeous little monster!
    That fabric started life as part of a vintage summer frock I wore back in the 1980s! I shortened the dress and kept the remnant I cut off as it’s so pretty, but never found the right thing to do with it. So nice that its found a new purpose in life! I wonder if I have a photo of me wearing the frock? Hmmm… might have to hunt through old photos next week!

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