Treasure Hunting for Blue

Its no secret that my favourite colour is blue. My wardrobe is mostly blue, I have a lot of blue fabric in my stash and my house is very blue. This month’s treasure hunting post is filled with lovely blue things.

Bloofbird screen printed toy by Bloofbird on Etsy

Blue knitted pillow by Miss Wool on Etsy

Tile Coasters by Little Coaster Gnome on Etsy

Spiral bound letterpress workbook by Smock Paper on Etsy

We are a team screenprint by Coni Lab on Etsy

Aqua blue tiffany prom dress by Dig for Victory on Etsy

Vintage 1930’s map of France by Red Truck Designs on Etsy

Shipping forecast regional map cyanotype by Space Monkey Press on Etsy

Blueberry and Cherry by Sleepy King on Etsy

All these images are featured with the kind permission of the wonderful people who made them. Thank you all very much! Click on the images to go through to their Etsy shops.

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4 Responses to Treasure Hunting for Blue

  1. Wonderful finds! Love the cyanotype print. Thanks for including my vintage map of France.

    • Hi Susan, thanks for your comment and for letting me feature your lovely map. Russell, who makes the cyanotypes, also uses planes and other interesting things like origami as his subject matter.

  2. This collection should be made into a treasury on Etsy!

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