Love Me Sew

A new fabric shop has just been launched and it has a very sweet name – Love Me Sew. Lifelong friends Emily and Sam have put their crafty heads together and have hand picked some gorgeous collections of fabrics for people who love to sew.

I love that the website is very easy to navigate and has some really great features. One of these is a moodboard, which allows you to add fabrics and then view them side by side as bunting or as patchwork. This is such a smart feature, not only can you compare and contrast colours but also the scale of the patterns side by side.

The website also has a whole section entitled “Your Creations”, where you are encouraged to submit photos of the things that you have made with their lovely fabrics. One creation will get the “Star Feature” status and will win a bundle of three fat quarters.

I don’t think it will be very long before I submit a photo of my own, that pinwheel fabric is irresistible!

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2 Responses to Love Me Sew

  1. smiffysmrs says:

    How cool are those mood boards? What fab idea!

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