Tutorial : Peg Bag

I love making these cute little peg bags – they are practical, simple to make and because they are made from a recycled shirt they are thrifty too. They are a thoughtful gift for someone who is moving house or would make a very sweet addition to your washing line. All you will need is a child’s shirt, a small hanger, a sharp pair of scissors and either your sewing machine or some thread and a needle.

Small shirts are best to use for this, my shirt is newborn to 3 months. Lay your shirt down on the table and carefully snip off any labels or tags.

Give your shirt a good iron so that you will get a neat finish. Pin each of the sleeves shut, lining up the edges carefully.

Stitch along the very edge of each sleeve. If you are hand sewing this, blanket stitch would look lovely.

Turn your shirt inside out and smooth down the bottom. Draw a line straight across the bottom of your shirt, I have drawn my line just above the last button. Cut along this line.

As in the photo above, pin along the new bottom edge of your peg bag. Sew along this line so that the bottom of the shirt is closed. Trim the corners at either end, so that when you turn it back the right way they will be nice and square.

Turn your peg bag back the right way, push the bottom corners out and press neatly.

Now to make it look really neat you need to sew a French seam. This is where you sew along, encasing the raw seam inside your new stitching. This will also make the bottom of your peg bag heavier and will help it to hang nicely when it is on your washing line! So to do this, simply sew along the bottom of your shirt and this will encase your previous seam.

Your peg bag is complete! Now all you need to do is pop your hanger inside and fill it up with pegs. If you can’t find children’s sized hangers then you can cut a wooden hanger down to size.

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4 Responses to Tutorial : Peg Bag

  1. Angelina says:

    Another good idea from you. I think they would look lovely hung in a childs bedroom with maybe socks or something inside. It would help to keep a nursery tidy.

  2. Verónica says:

    How creative! It looks nice and recycles.

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