Treasure Hunting for Houses

I’m a real homebody and where I live means a lot to me. I lived in the same house for 19 years before I moved to Portsmouth to go to university and I love going back to see my parents, who still live in the same house. I especially love my flat because it is my first real base away from my childhood home. Now that Autumn has arrived I am spending more time hibernating inside, sewing and dreaming up new creations. This month’s treasure hunting post celebrates some beautiful creations that have been inspired by our houses and homes.

Summersville Fabric from Moona Fabrics

Raindrop House Mobile by A Continual Lullaby

Hand painted wooden houses by Anamarko

Blue houses and pink trees printed pillow cover by Lilleputt Studio

Hand carved house rubber stamps by Talk to the Sun

Red zipper pouch purse by Edward and Lilly

A little lovely town print by Dekanimal

Vintage playschool village wooden blocks by Anne Graham

Heart factory ceramic sculpture by Pearson Maron

Little house in the countryside serving platter by Ninainvorm

Home cross stitch by Not So Modern Millie

All these images are featured with the kind permission of the wonderful people who made them. Thank you all very much! Click on the images to go through to their Etsy shops.

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6 Responses to Treasure Hunting for Houses

  1. let me add this one to your collection…I think it might appeal to your romantic sentiments:

  2. Emmalemonade says:

    You always find the loveliest things G! I remember those wooden building blocks from my childhood! x x

  3. anamarko says:

    Lovely! Thank you! :-**

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