Sew a kit

Whilst planning for Gather, buried under piles of felt, fingers covered in ink, it occurred to me that so many of the lovely people who read my blog live all over the world and they won’t get a chance to come along. So I decided I should list my Christmas decoration kits in my Etsy shop so that everyone can have a tasty pudding hanging from their tree…or a sweet festive tree, an envelope to hold your Christmas list or a mitten to hold sweet treats.

Each design comes in its own brown kraft box, complete with a bright blue hand typewritten “Happy Christmas” sticker!

The kits contain everything that you need to make these lovely felt Christmas decorations – all you need to add is a pair of scissors!

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8 Responses to Sew a kit

  1. stitchnmaille says:

    That’s such a lovely kit 🙂 Might hint to seem one that I’d like one hehe

  2. These kits are just lovely!

  3. HM Diett says:

    My fav is the xmas pud!x

  4. nuvofelt says:

    Fun kits. Hope you sell lots.

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