Under your tree

If you would like to find this parcel under your tree…

Wrapped up dinosaur

…then pop over to my Folksy shop, which is now stocked full of dinosaurs!

Dinosaur on mini sewing machine

Brown dinosaur

Cerise Dinosaur

Blue and Purple Dinosaur

I will be posting Christmas orders right up until Thursday the 20th of December but I would recommend ordering as soon as possible to ensure delivery. Although I can’t guarantee delivery in time for Christmas (because snow may arrive and slow deliveries) if you are keen to get that dinosaur in time, then please contact me through my Etsy or Folksy shop and I can suggest faster delivery methods.

Please note : My Folksy shop is now closed and you can find all of my toys and other interesting things in my Etsy shop.

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2 Responses to Under your tree

  1. Oh my gosh those dinos are super cute!!

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