Stash storage

My stash of felt seems to be multiplying. The time had come to find a way of storing it that meant I could see all the lovely colours to be inspired by, was compact and that kept it in good condition with no fold marks or creases. My gigantic fabric stash has claimed all of my shelves so this meant I had to be a bit more creative. So I found the sides of an old wooden cot, turned them vertically and now my felt is easy to find, is stored nicely and looks inspiring too!

Felt storage

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8 Responses to Stash storage

  1. Absolutely LOVE that idea! The colours are amazing and I bet it looks great just propped against something in your house to add a splash of colour! Love love love! 🙂

  2. thelinencloud says:

    What a brilliant idea … my last little one will be finishing with her cot in the new year … now I have a new use for it … thank you, Bee x

  3. Susannah says:

    very cool idea – making me think of what I can do with my spare cot sides… x

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