Tutorial : Jam Jar Covers

Today is the fifth post in the Sort, Store, Organise series. Yesterday, January’s treasure hunting post featured all kinds of storage ideas and today’s post shows you a very thrifty way of storing and displaying your small bits and bobs.

Jam jars are very popular in my house, if they aren’t being filled with homemade jams and chutneys then I am squirrelling them away and filling them with all sorts of things. Jam jars are not only a thrifty way of keeping your bits and bobs in order, they also let you create a display of your favourite things so that you can find them easily.

Storage : Jam Jars

Storage : Jam Jars

I pick the jars with brightly coloured lids and patterns on the glass and fill them with buttons, labels, my homemade stickers and all sorts of other essential supplies. If you like the jar but not the lid then you can easily cover it with some nice paper and good old PVA glue. To show you how, I’ve covered a lid with paper from Wrap – a fantastic illustrated, design led magazine which you read and then use as wrapping paper!

Draw around the top of your lid onto the wrong side of the paper. Draw a larger circle around that and cut notches which meet the smaller circle. Use a paintbrush to cover the smaller circle with PVA glue, this will ensure even coverage.

Tutorial : Jam Jar

Place your lid onto the paper and smooth it out to get rid of any air bubbles. Pop a bit of glue onto each tab, fold it up and stick onto the side of your lid. Repeat this all the way around.

Tutorial : Jam Jar

Cut a strip of paper which is the same depth as your lid and is long enough to wrap all the way around. Stick this into place with PVA, smoothing down as you go and overlapping the ends for a neat finish.

Tutorial : Jam Jar

Leave to dry, then store lovely things inside!

Tutorial : Jam Jars

On it’s way tomorrow is a review of a great book that I have discovered called Inside the creative studio.

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12 Responses to Tutorial : Jam Jar Covers

  1. I’m definitely going to try this one as I have soooo many jars!

  2. Trixie Lixie says:

    I use jars all the time but I have never thought to cover the lids, fantastic idea, I think I am going to be covering all my lids this weekend!

  3. tartanpants says:

    Cool idea. I have a coffee jar minus the lid on my desk for my pens etc, I crocheted a wee cozy for it and added a crochet heart, it cost almost nothing and is so cute x

  4. smiffysmrs says:

    oooh I’ve been covering my button jars over the last few days too. I’ve used a similar method to you when I’ve used paper but I’ve also used stickers too. its been fun, and they look so much better.

  5. jennytidman says:

    Fabulous idea. I’m going to try some with Washi Tape and my daughter is planning doing some in decopatch…her favourite thing of the moment!! Thank you for the idea! 🙂

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