My giant knitting

I love my giant knitted rug and thought it was high time that I embarked on another giant knitting project with my gigantic needles! This rug was made from two strands of jersey fabric knitted in garter stitch, so I was keen to try out some wool with this new project. I spent a lovely hour hunting through my stash and found nine balls of wool. I’ve used a mohair wool that I probably wouldn’t otherwise use, a few chunky balls that I didn’t have much left of, a lovely blue wool with bobbles that my Mum knitted squares from and a few plain double knitting as well. I soon got into a tangle so I decided that I was going to have to wind my wools into one great big ball!

Giant knitting

I started this at the knitting group at Teatray last week and managed to get it into a bag and onto my bike so that I could continue knitting at A Slice of Make on Wednesday! It’s been snowing all day here so I’m going to do a bit more this evening and keep myself toasty!

Giant knitting

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2 Responses to My giant knitting

  1. epicyarns says:

    This looks awesome! I need a pair of those needles.

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