Fabric Shopping in Wadebridge

Wherever I go I’m always on the lookout for fabric shops! I’m on holiday in Cornwall this week and yesterday we visited Wadebridge, where I found two gorgeous fabrics in two different shops. The first shop was called Arty Crafts and had lots of different supplies.

Arty Crafts

Arty Crafts

Arty Crafts

I bought this lovely floral retro inspired fabric from Arty Crafts and the gorgeous nautical fabric from Vivienne’s on Molesworth Street.

Fabric in Wadebridge

We went to St. Ives today and had a lovely time looking around some galleries and enjoying an ice cream!

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11 Responses to Fabric Shopping in Wadebridge

  1. annelies says:

    look at all those fat quarters…. aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh heaven!

  2. epicyarns says:

    Lovely looking shop, a wonderland of colour! Those fabrics are gorgeous!

  3. Retster says:

    I love the floral fabric. Have you got plans for it yet?

  4. omg this is my heaven!!!! will defo be heading there soon!

  5. quirkyhannah says:

    Ohh I must visit Wadebridge on my next day off 🙂 If you are in Redruth way there’s the sewing studio or Hayle there’s Threads if you wanted more fabric shops 🙂

  6. i bought my sewing machine from the sewing studio in redruth 🙂

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