Review : My Dremel Glue Gun

A couple of months ago when I wanted to buy a hot glue gun I couldn’t find any reviews from other creative people. So I thought to help out anyone else who is looking to buy a glue gun I would write a review on the one I purchased. I bought the Dremel 930 Glue Gun and I would really recommend it.

Glue Gun ReviewI used to associate glue guns with lots of dripping and mess so I decided to spend a little bit more in the hope that the one I purchased wouldn’t leave me with my fingers stuck together! This glue gun has a drip control nozzle which means you can be really precise with the amount of glue you use and where you want to put it. It has two temperatures and I have used it to successfully stick all kinds of materials together including wood, felt and metal.

The plastic stand is useful because you can put the gun down whilst it is hot and not worry about it burning a hole in your table. It also comes with loads of glue to get you started and a two year guarantee. It would be useful if the lead was a bit longer but overall this is a really great gadget to have around.

If you like the sound of this nifty glue gun and purchase it through the links in my post you are helping to support my blog as I get a small referral fee from Amazon. Thank you!

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2 Responses to Review : My Dremel Glue Gun

  1. Sheila Sims says:

    I have also bought the same glue gun as yours, but mine dribbles constantly and I find I cannot use
    it. I bought it on line and unfortunately I cannot remember where from so I can’t return it. I’m glad that your gun works as it should happy crafting.
    Sheila Sims

    • O no, how unfortunate! Maybe you could contact Dremel directly for help? I use the branded glue sticks as well and find they are worth the extra money. My gun is very well behaved 🙂

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