Retro floral hexagons

The inspiration for starting my heirloom quilt came from seeing my Mum’s beautiful hand stitched hexagonal quilt. When we were last admiring it I fell in love with one of the retro floral fabrics and my Mum said that I could have them to put into my quilt. Imagine how thrilled I was! There were 18 hexagons in total, the perfect amount for me to stitch into three flowers with a contrasting mini spot fabric for their centres. They are going to be stitched right into the middle of my quilt.

Hexagons from MumHexagons from Mum

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2 Responses to Retro floral hexagons

  1. Angelina says:

    Beautifully stitched. The centre is a perfect compliment to the retro fabric. x

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