Patchwork at Handmade Studios

Handmade Studios is a lovely little gift shop which specialises in textiles. The shop is located right in the centre of Rowlands Castle, just a few minutes walk from the train station. They are just putting together a program of craft workshops and I can’t wait to teach English paper pieced patchwork there on the 22nd of June from 1pm to 3pm!

Handmade StudiosThis class is the perfect way to get started on patchwork and is suitable for all skill levels – no sewing experience necessary! It is a beautiful hand stitched method of patchwork which allows you to piece together shapes which would be really tricky to attempt on a sewing machine. I am stitching an entire quilt using this method and you can see my progress and lots of examples of this type of patchwork here.

Heirloom Quilt Mum's PanelThis workshop costs £20 and includes refreshments. You can bring your own fabrics along to this workshop or purchase some when you arrive. You will need quilting weight cotton, 100% cotton is best. To book your place call 023 9241 2901 or pop into the shop.

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2 Responses to Patchwork at Handmade Studios

  1. bravoeliza says:

    I love this method of patchwork! It’s super cute and such a relaxing way to sew 🙂

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