A birthday picnic!

I love old fashioned toys and toys that are made to last. Matt and I wanted to find something special for our niece’s first birthday and when we were on holiday we found a fantastic toy shop which sold wooden play food. We had a brilliant time picking out a steak, ice lollies, an aubergine, half a tomato, a slice of watermelon, some garlic and lots of other treats! To go with the food I have stitched a play quilt which is a picnic blanket, complete with felt plates and felt cutlery. This quilt is ready for an English summer and has a drawstring which can be pulled to scoop up all the food into a bag, should a pesky shower arrive!

Picnic QuiltPicnic Quilt

Picnic Quilt

Picnic QuiltPicnic QuiltPicnic QuiltPicnic Quilt

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12 Responses to A birthday picnic!

  1. WOWEE! It looks so good! What a fantastic idea, you most definitely have to make these to sell!! xxx

  2. Caroline says:

    Gorgeous idea xx

  3. Rettester says:

    What a clever idea! Lucky niece.

  4. soscone says:

    This is amazing! love it!

  5. lovelucie1 says:

    Such a brilliant idea! I have never seen one of these. Huge marketing potential I would think.

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