Fabric shopping in Totnes

Yesterday, on the last day of our holiday, we visited Totnes for the first time. There were so many lovely independent shops and some particularly lovely places to buy fabric! If you head to the top of the hill you will find Stone Fabrics at 97 High Street and just a little bit further along Social Fabric at 101 High Street. If you are looking for some really interesting fabrics then there are plenty in Stone Fabrics. I found lots of really soft jersey, some beautiful thick wool and so many different colours.

Stone Fabrics TotnesI was really excited to find Social Fabric just a few doors away, another heaven filled with beautiful fabrics, a great selection of wool and a full schedule of workshops. Be sure to pay them both a visit if you are in the area!

Social Fabric Totnes

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4 Responses to Fabric shopping in Totnes

  1. TheBigForest says:

    Beautiful place Totnes and independent trader heaven too! Social Fabric looks wonderful.

  2. Yey! This is great news, as I’ve recently moved to Devon and I’m getting to know the region. Thanks for posting.

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