Treasure Hunting for the Etsy Kids Team!

I love the sense of community that you get when you have an Etsy shop, there are always people ready to advise and support you on the forums and in the teams. I have recently joined the Etsy Kids team and I have loved discovering so many other sellers who make for little ones! This month’s treasure hunting post is celebrating just some of the new shops I have discovered and focuses on items for your little hero!

etsykids team

Super hero doll by Cocomia

etsy kids team

Blue & White Overalls by Comfy Feely

etsy kids team

Crochet Rocket Toy by Indigo Toybox

etsy kids team

My Pocket Place by Mama May I

etsy kids team

Bamboo Baby Leggings by Pineapple Pete Kids

etsy kids team

Plush Elephant by Little Luckies 2

etsy kids team

Math Games Blocks by Cake in the Morn

etsy kids team

Knitted Fox Jacket by Tuttolv

etsy kids team

Fabric Cars & Travelling Garage by Carambouilles

etsy kids team

Spaceship to Mars Pants by Alphabet City Studio

etsy kids team

Organic Baby Wipes by Curly Monkey

etsy kids team

Crochet Grey Cat by Snowfall Studio

etsy kids team

Hand Knitted Baby Hat by 4 Happy Children

etsy kids team

Neck Tie Baby Blanket by Baby Zebra Creations

All these images are featured with the kind permission of the wonderful people who have made or are selling these items. Thank you all very much! Click on the images to go through to their Etsy shops.

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2 Responses to Treasure Hunting for the Etsy Kids Team!

  1. Thanks for featuring my toy cat among so many awesome handmade items! Etsy is my favorite place to shop for my kiddos!

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