Our Handmade Wedding : Bridal Party Presents

We made so many things for our wedding which I couldn’t share beforehand and I am so excited that I can share them with you now! We decided that the presents for our wonderful families should also be handmade, so I set about making four wash bags for the girls. I made them from the same linen as the boys ties and filled them with handmade make up rolls, knitted facecloths and their favourite hand creams.

Handmade Bridal Party GiftsHandmade Bridal Party GiftsI chose different fabrics for the lining of the wash bags that I knew they would love and made matching rolls to keep their make up and brushes safe.

Handmade Bridal Party GiftsFor the boys I made cases to keep their cufflinks safe. I have written a tutorial for these cases that I will be sharing with you soon! I also wrote four new knitting patterns for the facecloths and I will publish those next week!

Handmade Bridal Party Gifts

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8 Responses to Our Handmade Wedding : Bridal Party Presents

  1. nedwol says:


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  2. Emma smith says:

    And bloody lovely they are too. In fact my gifts are getting an outing very very soon 🙂
    Thank you xxxx

  3. Louise says:

    lovely ideas! I’m getting married in November and am trying to do as many handmade things as possible – I’ve already bought my bridesmaid gifts but love the idea of making bags to put them in 🙂

  4. Marnie says:

    I think these are the nicest, warmest, and loveliest wedding party gifts I’ve even seen. What a thoughtful person you are, Georgia.

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