Woolly nests!

What do you do with your wool scraps? I use small balls to add stripes to my scrappy blanket and even smaller pieces to make cheery pom poms. But I wanted to use even my tiny pieces of wool for something useful. So I decided to buy a bird feeder and leave them out for birds to take to make their nests with!

Wool scraps for birds

I did a bit of research and birds like all kinds of wool and string to add to their nests. It’s best to cut your wool into pieces which are 3 to 8 inches long. If they are shorter they aren’t of much use to the birds and if they are longer they pose a hazard to chicks. Let me know what you do with your scraps of wool and keep an eye out for woolly nests near you!

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6 Responses to Woolly nests!

  1. Jumigurumi says:

    Hi! I also keep my wool scraps to use in other projects. I really don’t like to throw out good wool. I usually reuse the smaller ones to stuff my amigurumi.

  2. Oh wow I love this idea, it’s amazing. Thank you for sharing I am going to look at doing this and my girls will LOVE seeing the pile get smaller and the birds come and take them away.

  3. What a brilliant idea – I’ll definitely be doing this next spring. X

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