Tutorial : Pine cone tree!

I love making Christmas decorations! This tutorial will show you how to make an adorable pine cone tree which is small enough to pop in any corner or on a windowsill to bring some extra festive cheer! They would also make lovely place settings for Christmas lunch or sweet gifts for your family.

Tutorial : Pine cone Christmas trees

Tutorial : Pine cone Christmas trees

To make some lovely pine cone trees you will need some dry, clean pine cones, mini terracotta pots (or some yoghurt pots are a good size!), paint (I used acrylic), a paintbrush, and an old toothbrush. Depending on the kind of star you would like to adorn the top, you will also need a small piece of felt, or some thin wire and card.

Tutorial : Pine cone Christmas treesIf your pine cones are a bit grubby, give them a quick rinse under the tap. Leave them to dry and open fully. Use your toothbrush to finish tidying them up and brush off any loose twigs or leaves. Test out which pine cones sit upright and fit nicely into the top of your flower pots.

Tutorial : Pine cone Christmas treesNow its time to start painting! Paint just the tip of each scale. Some of my trees I painted all one colour and some I painted two colours in a spiral pattern around the cone. Take your time here, the more careful you are with the paint, the better they will look!

Tutorial : Pine cone Christmas trees

Tutorial : Pine cone Christmas treesWhile your pine cones are drying you can make the stars to go on the top! I made my stars from card with musical notes on it, which sit at the top of a wire spring. To make these you simply wind your wire around a kebab stick or the handle of your paintbrush to make a spiral. Pull this off, attach one end to the back of your star, then wind the other end around the top scales on your cone to hold it in place.

Tutorial : Pine cone Christmas trees

Tutorial : Pine cone Christmas trees

Tutorial : Pine cone Christmas trees

Pop your pine cone back into your pot and your beautiful mini Christmas tree is complete! Happy Making!

Tutorial : Pine cone Christmas trees

If you fancy making your very own pine cone trees then you can buy some useful supplies from Amazon. If you purchase anything through the links in my post you are helping to support my blog as I get a small referral fee from Amazon. Thank you!

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