My second handmade bath mat

After the success of my first handmade bath mat, crocheted in bright blue jersey, I have decided to make another! My crocheted mat is being used in my bathroom at the moment and I love having something handmade, colourful and practical that we can use all the time. My next mat will also be made of jersey because it is so soft underfoot, but this time I am going to use rug canvas and a latch hook. I’ve made lots of rugs like this before but never using jersey so I can’t wait to get started!

Jersey rag rug bath mat

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2 Responses to My second handmade bath mat

  1. epicyarns says:

    Ooh I’m dying to try latch hooking. Was the canvas & hook expensive or did it come as a kit? 🙂

    • I bought a roll of 20 metres of canvas for teaching and to make rugs for me so mine was very reasonable! I can recommend a lovely lady if you want to buy some for yourself though. Everyone I’ve taught said that it should come with a health warning – its very addictive! The fabric can be very inexpensive as you can use scraps and old clothes 🙂

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