DIY : Felt crackers

This super simple felt cracker DIY can be stitched or stuck, depending on how much time you have or how much patience your little ones have!

DIY : Felt cracker

To make your own cracker you will need an empty toilet roll tube, a piece of felt measuring 9 x 6.5 inches, some scraps of felt for decorations, scissors, small elastic bands, brown string, needle and thread or your glue gun.

DIY : Felt cracker

To start, cut yourself some decorations to go on your cracker. I love stars so I cut three of these to go on my cracker. Stitch or stick your decorations onto the middle of your piece of felt, in a line.

DIY : Felt cracker

Then place your felt decoration side down and pop your toilet roll on top. Roll the felt around and pin the ends together, which will overlap slightly. You can either stick this edge down or stitch it in place using a whip stitch.

DIY : Felt cracker

DIY : Felt cracker

Gather in the ends and secure in place with one of your elastic bands. Adjust the folds of felt so that it looks nice. Wrap a piece of brown string over the top of the elastic band and tie a knot to hold it in place.

DIY : Felt cracker

DIY : Felt cracker

Happy festive making!

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2 Responses to DIY : Felt crackers

  1. Jess @ Make and Do Crew says:

    This is so simple and cute! I LOVE your honeycomb quilt in your profile pic 🙂

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