An Easter duck!

My sister loves ducks and when she saw my felt chick DIY earlier this week, she asked if I could make her an Easter duck! Using the same pattern, I simply left out the comb, made the body from white felt, the wing from brown and added a layer of green over her head. She arrived in the post today and my sister loves her!

What are you making this Easter?

Easter duck

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DIY : Felt chick

I love working with felt and so I’ve written a pattern for a little felt chick, that you can stitch in your favourite colours. In this post you will find full instructions and a pattern to print out so that you can make your very own Easter chick for next weekend!

DIY : Felt chick

To make your very own chick you will need some felt, little buttons for the eyes, a pair of scissors, a sewing needle, some matching embroidery threads, a small amount of stuffing and one chick template. Simply print out your template onto paper and cut out the pieces. From felt, cut two body pieces, two wings, one comb and a small triangle for the beak.

DIY : Felt chick

Stitch the little buttons in place for eyes and then position the wings and stitch in place. There is a guide to help you position the wings on the body template. I like to stitch my wings on with a single line of stitching along the top so that they can move about but you could stitch them down if your prefer.

DIY : Felt chick

Put your two chick bodies together, wrong sides together. Starting at the bottom, start sewing the two pieces together with a simple running stitch.

DIY : Felt chick

When you reach your chick’s head, pop the comb in between the two layers and carry on sewing around the edge, through all three layers. Do the same for his beak!

DIY : Felt chick

Continue stitching past his beak, leaving a small gap at the bottom. Pop some stuffing inside, starting by filling his head and tail. Once he is nice and plump, stitch the opening closed. Your chick is finished!

DIY : Felt chick

DIY : Felt chick

Happy Making and I hope you have a lovely Easter with your family and friends!

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The Community Trafalgar Sail Project

The National Museum of the Royal Navy, located in the historic dockyard in Portsmouth, have engaged the community in some great creative projects over the last few years. I blogged about a knitted seascape previously and now they are embarking on another great task. The museum are asking people to embroider, applique and quilt squares inspired by the fore-top sail from the Victory, which dates all the way back to Trafalgar and is on display at the museum. These 6 x 6 inch squares will be sewn together into a new sail, which will be a wonderful mix of techniques and colours. I’m looking forward to stitching some squares and seeing the finished work!

Trafalgar Sail Community Project Poster

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A makeover in acrylic!

When I was at college I studied ceramics and made all sorts of weird and wonderful things. There were many pots, a bowl which my Mum uses and even a giant hollow head! I experimented with lots of different glazes and whilst I love the shape and texture on this particular pot I’m not keen on the colour. So I’m going to paint it with some white acrylic paint, varnish it and pop a succulent inside! It’s going to need a good few layers of paint, I will show you photos when it’s complete!

Handmade ceramic pot


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Tea-tip : Finishing an embroidery hoop

Welcome to the very first tea-tip post! This post will show you how to finish off the back of an embroidery hoop. I love stitching a design and leaving it in the hoop, I think its simple, thrifty and a bit quirky. Your finished piece will be also be lovely and light, hung on the wall with a single nail or standing up on a shelf or mantelpiece.

Embroidery Hoop

To finish the back of your stitching, you will need sharp scissors, a glue gun, a pritt stick, felt and your finished piece. I normally use white felt for the backing but if you have used dark fabric you could use a coordinating colour.

Finishing an embroidery hoopThe first step is to check that you are happy with the placement of your stitching within the hoop, pull the fabric taut and tighten the screw at the top. Then turn your stitching over so that you are looking at the back. Using the pritt stick, gently stick any loose threads down. Try to use a small amount of glue and stick threads down onto a patch of the same colour. This means your finished hoop will look super tidy from the front too!

Finishing an embroidery hoopNext, you need to use your glue gun to put a small amount of glue directly onto the inside ring of your hoop. Pull the fabric over the glue and hold in place until it has cooled and dried. Repeat this all the way around the hoop, sticking small sections at a time.

Finishing an embroidery hoop

Once all the fabric is stuck into place, trim off the excess, close to the hoop.

Finishing an embroidery hoop

Next you need to cut yourself a circle of felt which is very slightly smaller than your hoop. To measure this, draw around your hoop onto the felt, then cut it out inside this line.

Finishing an embroidery hoop

Pop your felt onto the back of your hoop and carefully line it up so that it covers all the edges. Using your glue gun again, stick the felt onto the hoop. I normally stick it down at the top and bottom and then at each side. Then I fill in the gaps between each of these points, so that the felt fits nicely all around.

Finishing an embroidery hoop

One completed hoop! I hope you enjoyed your cup of tea (and biscuit)!

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Today I’m revealing a brand new series on my blog … Tea-tips! These posts will be filled with my top tips for sewing and making lovely things. The idea behind the name is that you can learn something new and useful in the time it takes to make and drink your cup of tea (biscuits are optional but recommended)! The first one will be on the way very soon!

Simple knitted armwarmers pattern

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DIY : Felt daffodil

I think that there is something really special about a handmade Mother’s Day present. It reminds me of being small, making something in secret and knowing that my Mum would be thrilled with whatever I produced. If you normally give your Mum flowers on Mother’s Day, why not make her a felt daffodil? My simple DIY will show you how to make a cheerful daffodil that could be worn as a brooch and will last for years!

DIY : Felt Daffodil

To make your very own bunch of daffodils you will need one daffodil template, yellow felt, orange felt, an orange button, scissors, pinking shears and a glue gun. If you want to make your daffodil into a brooch you will also need a brooch back.

DIY : Felt Daffodil

The first step is to cut one daffodil shape out of the yellow felt, using the template. For the trumpet you will need to cut a piece which measures 3 inches by 1 inch from the orange felt . Trim the very top of one long edge with your pinking shears to make the distinctive shape of a daffodil centre.

DIY : Felt Daffodil

Next you need to make your trumpet! Make a tube by overlapping the two short edges. Make sure that your button fits comfortably inside and glue these edges together. Trim off any excess. Turn your trumpet upside down and cut four evenly spaced slits into the bottom. Fold these into the middle, overlapping one another and stick down. Turn it the right way up, pop a bit of glue inside at the bottom and place your button on top of the glue, sticking it down inside your trumpet.

DIY : Felt Daffodil

Stick your trumpet straight into the middle of your daffodil shape, using the glue gun. Next you want to put a small line of glue right at the base of your trumpet, which lines up with the base of one of the petals. Push this petal up so that it sticks in place and hold it while the glue dries. Repeat this with alternate petals until you have stuck three into place.  Then glue the other three in exactly the same way, this makes the petals stand up nicely and look realistic.

DIY : Felt Daffodil

Now your lovely daffodil is complete! You could add a brooch back or even stick a toffee apple stick onto the reverse to complete your present.

DIY : Felt Daffodil

Happy Making!

DIY : Felt Daffodil

If you fancy making your very felt daffodils then you can buy some useful supplies from Amazon. If you purchase anything through the links in my post you are helping to support my blog as I get a small referral fee from Amazon. Thank you!

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My second handmade bath mat

After the success of my first handmade bath mat, crocheted in bright blue jersey, I have decided to make another! My crocheted mat is being used in my bathroom at the moment and I love having something handmade, colourful and practical that we can use all the time. My next mat will also be made of jersey because it is so soft underfoot, but this time I am going to use rug canvas and a latch hook. I’ve made lots of rugs like this before but never using jersey so I can’t wait to get started!

Jersey rag rug bath mat

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A present in seed stitch

My lovely friend Cynthia got married on Saturday and I wanted to make something special for her and her husband Stuart. I decided to stitch an outline of Dubai, where they are currently spending their honeymoon, and popped the date of their wedding inside. I love using seed stitch and I used two different blues to create an ombre effect.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Moore!

Handmade wedding present

Handmade wedding present

Handmade wedding present

Handmade wedding present

I will be writing a post about how to finish the back of an embroidery hoop soon!

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A waiting room swap!

The other week I was sat in a waiting room, happily reading a crochet magazine. I had finished and was just about to add it to the existing pile of magazines for someone else to enjoy when I spotted a lady crocheting away on an Attic 24 wave blanket and thought she might like it. She was so grateful and in return she insisted that I have a headband that she had just completed. I didn’t expect anything in return, but what a lovely swap!

Crocheted headband

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