Birthday bibs

Last September I wrote a post about a quilt I stitched for sweet little Tahlia. I can hardly believe it but she is now a whole year old! I managed to find a hour amid afternoon naps to stitch her some bright patchwork birthday bibs. I have a mountain of dribble bibs in progress for O and once I’ve perfected the pattern and found myself another hour I will share it with you.

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Little Book Review : Together

Today’s Little Book Review is of Together by Emma Dodd. This is one of the very first books we read with little O and one that she read several times with Matt. I thought that she would love the metallic highlights on each page and the beautiful vivid illustrations and it proved a real hit, even when she was only a few months old! A sweet story to read, with lots to look at.

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If you like the sound of this lovely book you can purchase your very own copy from Amazon. If you purchase anything through the links in my post you are helping to support my blog as I get a small referral fee from Amazon. Thank you!

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Little Book Reviews

As a child my sister and I would use every loan on my Dad’s library card as well as our own and proudly carry as many books as we could manage home. I have spent countless Sundays with my nose firmly planted in a book and have read into the small hours many a time. Although I havent had the time to do either of those things recently, becoming a Mum has meant that I am discovering a whole new world of literature and some amazing illustrators to boot. I would love to share our favourite discoveries with you, in a new series of posts called Little Book Reviews.

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A focussed mind

There is nothing quite like having a baby to focus your mind! Whilst I absolutely love being a Mum and wouldnt change a thing about it, it can be pretty hard to find time to do some of the other things I love doing, namely making. I have finally finished this quilt which was started over 3 years ago. I had always intended it to be a picnic blanket, so when we planned a family barbeque I embarked on some furious sewing to get it completed! It’s pretty simple construction, made from big squares, free machine quilting to attach the patchwork to the backing and then a simple folded over a narrow border of fleece. Dribble bibs are next on my list for my little one!

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Determined crocheting

I’ve worked out that I can do a limited amount of sewing when O is feeding and yesterday I decided to try a bit of crochet! I haven’t crocheted anything in a really long time so I was pretty pleased that I managed to make a pretty little flower. A bit more practice and I’ll try something a bit more complicated!

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Three weeks in the making…baby harem pants!

Three weeks later and I have finished the baby harem pants! They only just fit her so I finished stitching them just in time. I used this pattern by Shwin & Shwin, which is free and very easy to follow. I’m going to draw up my own pattern now and make her some bigger pairs now…I wonder how long they will take me!

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A great food day

Yesterday Matt and I spent the day in Southsea with little O, who is now 15 weeks old! We had a day filled with great food from the start, our trip started with a visit to the amazing Bread Addiction on Elm Grove. It’s obligatory for us to go there every time we are nearby and buy a couple of loaves of their sourdough, which is so tasty! This time we also enjoyed a coffee and some seriously tasty cakes. Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

After Matt enjoying a veggie burrito from a food stall at the Palmerston Road market, buying our body weight in herbs and spices from Akrams and a homemade picnic on the common, we arrived home to find that the recent weather, plenty of sunshine and pouring rain, had led to a great crop of home grown raspberries! What a great food day!

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Green Hill Patchwork & Quilting, Romsey

On my birthday a few weeks ago we made a family trip to Romsey, for a wander around the independent shops and to pay a visit to Rum’s Eg. I was really pleased to discover a gorgeous little fabric shop, just up the road from the gallery, called Green Hill Patchwork & Quilting. They have a fantastic selection of fabric, which was beautifully laid out and very easy to browse through. I loved the variety of fat quarters and particularly admired the rainbow of spotty fabrics they had on offer.

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At the back of the shop they have a whole room of yarn too!

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I decided to treat myself to these lovely bundles of printed cotton tape, which were only £1.50 each. Can’t wait to dream up a use for them!

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Feeding my creative soul

I sat down last week, with my little girl on the floor next to me and set to work on a new project. My maternity leave in the weeks before O arrived flashed by in a whirl of batch cooking, stitching her quilt and afternoon naps. Before I knew it she was here and I had even less time or energy to do anything creative, let alone embark on a new project. I have been wanting to make a pair of baby harem pants for years, they are just so cute! So far its taken me a week to cut them out and I’m halfway through the sewing. I hope to finish them soon!

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She has arrived!

Our beautiful little bundle arrived at the end of February! Our baby girl is now 11 weeks old and growing fast. I’ll be posting regularly again soon, so look out for lots of baby makes!

012-Ottilie Autumn Cleveland-7008

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