Our shiny new house!

Matt and I are having a very exciting couple of weeks! We have just bought our very first house and move in this Friday. It’s going to be a busy time so I probably won’t post again until mid next week. I’m going to miss this fireplace! See you all soon.



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The blanket grows!

The knitted squares that my Mum has made for me over the years are taking shape into a very lovely home made blanket. I’m carefully following the design I planned out, sewn together about half and I can’t wait for it to be finished!

My knitted blanket

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Packed (but not my wool!)

We are moving house in the next few weeks and as a result, most of my fabric and projects are packed! I kept a few balls of wool to one side and I’ve been knitting some more of my face cloths. I love knitting them because they knit up quickly and make sweet gifts. I have several free patterns for knitted face cloths on my blog, the design I’m knitting at the moment is called Dashed Stripe and you can find it here if you fancy making your own.

Knitted face cloths

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DIY : Crayon cakes!

I love making things for my niece and nephews, so when a big box of broken crayons appeared on my local Freecycle group I excitedly set about making them a big batch of crayon cakes! They are such good fun to make and you can recycle all those broken bits of odd crayons that might not otherwise get used. Follow my simple DIY below to make your own!

Little hands make ... crayon cakes!

You will need an assortment of broken crayons and either a silicone mould or some paper cake cases.

Little hands make ... crayon cakes!The first step is to peel all the paper wrapping off the crayons, your little ones can certainly help with this! Then break the crayons into small pieces.

Little hands make ... crayon cakes!Now you can fill your mould or your cake cases. Put as many into the mould as you can fit because as the crayons melt all those gaps will soon be filled. I tried out some cake cases too and the fluted edges make for really pretty crayons!

Little hands make ... crayon cakes!

Pop your mould or cases onto a baking tray and into the oven for about ten to fifteen minutes on Gas mark 1 / 275 Fahrenheit / 150 Celsius until the crayons have all melted. Keep an eye on them because some will melt much faster than others. When they are done, take them out of the oven, taking care not to spill the hot wax. Leave them to cool and when completely hard pop them out of the mould or peel off the cases.

Little hands make ... crayon cakes!

Happy colouring with your little ones and their brand new crayons!

If you fancy trying out my DIY you can buy some useful supplies from Amazon. If you purchase anything through the links in my post you are helping to support my blog as I get a small referral fee from Amazon. Thank you!

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Using Matt’s old shirts

We are just buying our first house and are currently under siege from piles of boxes! To make packing easier we have been having a good sort out and Matt decided to retire several of his old shirts. I rescued a few in some nice colours to make some more braided mats for our new house! If you would like to make some you can find my simple tutorial here.

Braided table mats

Braided table mats

Tutorial : Braided Mat

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Summer holiday projects for little hands!

The summer holidays are well and truly here and there has been more than one soggy day so far! If your little ones love making things and the rain is keeping you inside, then take a peek at my Little Hands Make section. You could make some fingerprint flowers, colour in and build a jumping robot, thread some giant felt tinsel to decorate the house or even make a shoal of fish from toilet roll tubes!

Little hands make : Fingerprint flowers

Little hands make ... jumping robots

Felt Tinsel

children's craft activity

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My huge collection of threads

I bought a set of wooden apprentice drawers from an antique shop several years ago and I’ve used them every day since. They have been used to store buttons, display monsters and now I’ve found a new purpose for them! I have a huge collection of threads and now they are beautifully organised and its very quick to find what I need!

Apprentice drawers

Group of mini monsters

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DIY : No-sew oilcloth bunting

We spend lots of time outdoors in the summer and have been to two parties this last weekend where we spent much of our time in the garden. Today’s post is a DIY for no-sew bunting, that you can use to decorate your outdoor spaces this summer!

DIY : No-sew oilcloth buntingTo make your very own bunting you will need some oilcloth, scissors or a craft knife, a glue gun, a ruler, some cord and a bunting template which you can download and print here. Start your bunting by cutting out your flag shapes. I placed my template on the back of the oilcloth and cut out my flags using a craft knife and the ruler. You could always draw around the template with pencil and cut each one out with scissors if you prefer.
DIY : No-sew oilcloth buntingTake each flag and place it right side down on the table. Fold the top tab over and hold it in place with the ruler, like in the photo below. Put a line of glue under the tab and close to the edge and press down to stick in place.

DIY : No-sew oilcloth buntingThis will create a channel that you can now feed your cord through.

DIY : No-sew oilcloth buntingWhen you have added all your flags, tie a loop in each end, hang it up and enjoy!

DIY : No-sew oilcloth bunting

DIY : No-sew oilcloth bunting

If you fancy making some of your own bunting then you can buy some useful supplies from Amazon. If you purchase anything through the links in my post you are helping to support my blog as I get a small referral fee from Amazon. Thank you!

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Our first anniversary : Paper

Matt and I have always wanted to start a collection of woodcuts and lino prints. I thought our first anniversary was the perfect time to start, so I found a lovely lino cut of a ship. Matt gave me a beautiful old map of Naples, where we went on our honeymoon. The traditional gift for a second anniversary is cotton, I can’t wait!

First anniversary

First anniversary

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A felt princess crown!

My beautiful little niece was three on Sunday and she loves all things princess at the moment. So I decided to sew her a pretty pink crown from felt! I stitched some stars on the front and made a comfy stretchy band to keep it in place. Would you like me to write a DIY so that you can make your very own crown?

Felt princess crown

Felt princess crown

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