A present in seed stitch

My lovely friend Cynthia got married on Saturday and I wanted to make something special for her and her husband Stuart. I decided to stitch an outline of Dubai, where they are currently spending their honeymoon, and popped the date of their wedding inside. I love using seed stitch and I used two different blues to create an ombre effect.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Moore!

Handmade wedding present

Handmade wedding present

Handmade wedding present

Handmade wedding present

I will be writing a post about how to finish the back of an embroidery hoop soon!

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A waiting room swap!

The other week I was sat in a waiting room, happily reading a crochet magazine. I had finished and was just about to add it to the existing pile of magazines for someone else to enjoy when I spotted a lady crocheting away on an Attic 24 wave blanket and thought she might like it. She was so grateful and in return she insisted that I have a headband that she had just completed. I didn’t expect anything in return, but what a lovely swap!

Crocheted headband

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A new project … with a deadline!

I have been working hard on my heart rag rug recently, I’m graduating the colours so its taking a bit of thinking and planning to get it right! I’ve also been knitting a lot, so its really refreshing to spend some time on a new project, a piece of embroidery in seed stitch. I have quite a tight deadline for this one and I will show you the finished piece early next week!

Seed stitch embroidery

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The first row!

I have been taking my bundles of squares to Make every Wednesday night (my very favourite night of the week!), laying the squares out after referring to my plan and carefully stitching them together. My Mum very cleverly left long tails on each piece, so that I can sew it all together without having to use a different colour wool. One row down, eight more to go!

Knitted squares

Knitted Squares

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My infinity scarf production line!

It’s been very chilly here by the sea in Southsea and I have been digging through my fabric stash to find some new jersey to make more infinity scarves! They are so practical because they stay out of the way when I’m sewing or baking something tasty! If you would like to make your very own you can find my super simple tutorial here. Happy making!

Infinity Scarves

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My favourite hat

One of the best handmade presents I have ever received is my very favourite hat. My mother-in-law made it for me a few years ago and gave it to me for Christmas. It is knitted in Crofter wool, which I love and has a beautiful lacy pattern around the bottom. I wear it all the time and was even wearing it when Matt proposed! What is your favourite handmade gift?

Matt and I

My favourite hat

Advent Calendar

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A great big dinosaur sale!

If you have always wanted to own your very own dinosaur then my sale is for you! I have twenty lovely dinosaurs, both Stegosaurus and Diplodocus designs, which will be just £15 each, plus postage. The first ten will be released on Wednesday night at 5pm, the final ten at 7pm on Thursday evening. Simply pop over to my Instagram account  (@georgina_giles) to see all the different colours. Please leave your Paypal email address in the comments under the one you love the most to purchase! See you there!

Dinosaur plush toy

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Let the sewing commence!

My lovely Mum knitted me lots of rectangles over several years and it has taken me a few more years to decide how to sew them together! She spent so long knitting, I wanted to get the order right before I started piecing them into a blanket.

Knitted SquaresI took them all to Make because my friend Emma has a brilliant sense of colour and our tastes are similar. I knew she would be able to help and we planned out a design which fades through colours from corner to corner. Let the sewing commence!

Knitted squares

Knitted squares

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Felt heart garland

I stitched a simple felt star garland just before Christmas and used it to decorate my wrapped presents. I decided to try out a sweet heart garland, just in time for Valentine’s Day! If you would like to make your own, you can find some top tips here.

Heart felt garland

Heart felt garland

All wrapped up : Felt star garland

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Mending Hearts 2015

Mending hearts is back! Throughout the month of February 10% of every sale will be going straight to the British Heart Foundation. So whether you buy that dinosaur you have fallen in love with or a limited edition love monster to give to your Valentine, you will be helping to mend hearts all over the country! Thank you!

handmade plush toy


Love monster

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