A new wood block stamp!

We discovered a lovely shop called Malabar Trading when we visited Bridport recently. It was a riot of colour and beautiful patterns which decorated a great variety of textiles and home wares. I found a treasure in the shape of lovely woodblock snowflake stamp. I loved printing with my stamp last year and I can’t wait to get my printing ink out again! If you would like to try out wood block printing, take a peek at my DIY here.

Wood block printing

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David Brown Ceramics at Cove Gallery

When we went on our annual family holiday this year we discovered Cove Gallery in Weymouth. They had some beautiful pieces and as usual I fell in love with something ceramic and I treated myself to this beautiful pot by David Brown. It’s such an amazing colour and it reminds me of a sea urchin shell! If you are in the area I would recommend a visit to this inspiring gallery by the sea.

David Brown Ceramics

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That lovely time of year

That lovely time of year has arrived, when I put the finishing touches to the advent calendars I have been stitching, ready for December! This year I have been working on a new design and have made two snowmen for my lovely nephews. I will be sure to take some photos before they go to their new home and I will share them soon.

Handmade advent calendar

In previous years I have stitched a Christmas tree for Matt and a pudding for my niece. Do you have a hand made advent calendar?

The handmade advent calendar.

Advent Calendar

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One pattern, many uses!

My Mum and Dad have been absolute stars, driving all the way from Somerset several times to help us move into our first house and transporting all manner of things in their van. To say thank you I made them some of my super simple flannels using a fabric that I knew they would love! They are well seasoned travellers and have recently bought a van to travel in so when I was thinking of what to make them, something practical for their travels seemed perfect. My Dad said that he thinks they will use them as table mats and they will sit in between the plates to stop them rattling in transit. One pattern, many uses!

Super simple flannels

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Tea tip : Free machine quilting

This tea tip (learn something new and useful in the time it takes to make and drink your cup of tea!) will show you how use free machine embroidery to finish off your latest quilt! All you need is your sewing machine, a trickmarker, an embroidery hoop, your quilt and either a darning foot or to be able to drop your feed dogs.

Tea tip : Free machine quilting

For this quilt I made a simple patchwork top using squares of cotton and then backed it with fleece. I didn’t put any wadding in the middle because it needs to be fairly thin for this technique to work. To get started decide where you want your first piece of stitching to be and draw your motif onto the fabric with your trickmarker. Place the embroidery hoop over this section and secure in place. This will hold all of the layers together whilst you quilt them.

Tea tip : Free machine quilting

Use your machine to quilt this shape, using the outline as your guide. Some of my hearts are outlines and some I filled in with stitching to add variety to my quilt.

Tea tip : Free machine quilting

Happy quilting!

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DIY : Super Simple Flannels

When we were packing to move house, I found some old towels which were past their best. I didn’t want to throw them away so decided to re-purpose them into lovely flannels! I raided my fabric scraps for small pieces of cotton and stitched myself a whole batch! To make your very own, follow my super simple DIY below.

DIY : Flannel

To make some of these flannels you will need some old towels, some soft cotton, your sewing machine and a needle and thread. Make sure to pre wash your cotton so that it doesn’t shrink when you wash your flannels. I didn’t make my flannels the same size, but instead cut a piece of towel to fit each scrap of cotton.

DIY : Flannel

Pin your two pieces right sides together. Stitch all the way around, leaving a small gap to turn your flannel the right way out. If you like you can round off the corners too.

DIY : Flannel

When you have stitched your two pieces together, make sure to cut notches into the seam allowance of each corner. This will make them a lovely shape when turned the right way out.

DIY : Flannel

Turn your flannel the right way through the small opening and push out each corner. Press the flannel neatly and stitch the opening shut by hand.

DIY : Flannel

To finish your flannel, top stitch all the way around the edge. I like to quilt my flannels too as this holds the two layers together nicely. You could stitch a few lines straight across or try out something that fits nicely with the pattern of the fabric.

DIY : Flannel

Happy making!

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My sewing machine has a new home!

I’ve unpacked my sewing machine and set it upon an old school desk that I found a few years ago. My fabric is ready to go and there are lots of projects I want to get stitching. Now all I have to do is find the cable and pedal!

My sewing machine

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All moved in!

We got the keys to our first house two weeks ago today and it already feels like home. The cacti were the first to move in, followed by the rest of my garden and then we arrived last Friday! We are still unpacking boxes, my fabric is safely stowed and I’m deciding where to set up my sewing machine. I can’t wait to get making!


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Our shiny new house!

Matt and I are having a very exciting couple of weeks! We have just bought our very first house and move in this Friday. It’s going to be a busy time so I probably won’t post again until mid next week. I’m going to miss this fireplace! See you all soon.



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The blanket grows!

The knitted squares that my Mum has made for me over the years are taking shape into a very lovely home made blanket. I’m carefully following the design I planned out, sewn together about half and I can’t wait for it to be finished!

My knitted blanket

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